Gregory Stephens – Return the Roots

Gregory Stephens
Return the Roots

On his fourth album, Return the Roots, Gregory Stephens continues to push the boundaries by reflecting on his dub reggae roots to create one of the greatest reggae masterpieces of all time. With a musical mix between Amy Winehouse, Bruno Mars, Bob Marley and Lee Scratch Perry, Gregory Stephens once again wrecks it with another original experience. Beyond the unique vocal styles are the rhythmic dub reggae influenced musics that have not been seen since 1973. Gregory Stephens continues to defy all attempts to pigeonhole himself as anything but amazingly diverse.

“This album is roots irie dub… It is like he has been hiding in a coffin since 1973 and just dug his way out to destroy the scene with the original musics” ~Dicky Brown

“…back to basics and beyond explosive. This is an invigorating look at a man and his balls out refusal to bow down to the Babylon and turn out another pop album even if his last was the unbeatable quintessential masterpiece that can never be compared to.” ~Johnny Hollywood