Gregory Stephens – Diggin In

Gregory Stephens
Diggin In

On his third album, Diggin In, Gregory Stephens continues to push the boundaries of music by reflecting on his punk rock and dub reggae roots to create a pop masterpiece. Gregory Stephens’s one of a kind vocal style, peppered with just the right amount of auto-tune mixes with his electro-pop synth madness and drum machine pounding out highly erotic dance beats to create an amazing and original music experience.

With the diversity of Beck and Lenny Kravitz, Gregory Stephens quickly switches and flips styles and beats throughout the album; influence of the stylings of Bruno Mars, Prince, Justin Timberlake, Willie Nelson, The Clash and Lee Scratch Perry can be seen from beginning to end. Beyond the unique vocal styles are lyrics that bring to life the dance of love that man has with a woman and how a seemingly unquenchable thirst can turn to suffocation and despair. From the edgy opening track Dirty Things to the soul of Woman Don’t Leave Me Alone to country on Woman Leave Me Alone to rap on Watch You Dance and punk on I Just Want To Run Away, Gregory Stephens defies all attempts to pigeonhole himself as anything but amazingly diverse.

“This album is the quintessential result of the greatest reggae artists of our time saying f*ck it and turning out a pop album…” ~Dicky Brown

“…It’s beyond explosive and looks at the heady concept of love being only a stones throw from torture and mans inability to avoid the downfall of being evaginated by the Venus Fly Tap.” ~Johnny Hollywood