Music4 Potheads, Unreleased Classics:
Mang Dub – Lamb of Babylon

M4P, Unreleased Classics:
Mang Dub - Lamb of Babylon

At long long last, Mang Dub’s highly anticipated second album is finally available for release! Recorded and left collecting dust since 1999, Music4 Potheads has recently come across the master tapes for Lamb of Babylon and given Mang Dub it’s first release in 12 years. You can now finally buy this dub reggae gem, in its original form, with this official release. Hailed at their time as the undisputed dub champions of American reggae, Mang Dub’s second album is as relevant now as at its time of creation 12 years ago.

Music4 Potheads produces new roots reggae dub music. When listened to under headphones while high on pot, you will find yourself in a relaxed, almost meditative state of increased creativity, intuition, and irie meditation. Proceeds from sales help make marijuana free for the people. We are Proud Supporters of NORML and a portion of all proceeds go to the National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws.